Our Approach

IAS is not only a job. It is a dream, a dream which has many driving forces behind it. Someone dreams for betterment of services while someone dreams to eradicate the evils of the society, someone dreams for parents and someone dreams for accountable power. It is the reward of this job which ignites the fire in aspirants to achieve it.

We at Dras Academy works to keep this fire burning. This examination needs change and also to keep oneself with the changing trend. We have understood the importance of these changes and thus we are strived for the better level of education.

We also understand the extreme importance of education and thus here at Dras Academy we present the education with new methods and new mediums which try to make it free from the loopholes of our traditional education system. We are committed that the student gets complete returns of his investment into education so that there is a better inflow and outflow of wisdom into him.

Aspirants will definitely realise that we have touched the new innovations for education. Inspired by the events of daily life we have tried to make education easy, worthy and fruitful.

We work on

Think and execute.