What is Aim Mascot?

The importance of any object depends upon the evaluation of the person who is evaluating it. Some objects may be very casual for someone and the same objects can be very important for someone else.

So is the case with Aim Mascots.

To say, it is a lifeless object made of metal, wood, fabric etc. but the aspirant, for whom it is made, is the one who introduces life in it.

The Aim Mascots include

  • Name plates
  • Desk plates
  • Insignias
  • Emblems
  • And many more.

Aim Mascot is an idea which is visible and easily understood from the view of UPSC aspirant. Here we have used those items which constitute the daily life objects. While working on it we do not think for benefits, but for feelings and inspirations. The moment we write IAS, IPS on them, there is a flow of such energy which can only be understood by an UPSC aspirant.

At Dras Academy we give full respect and honour to each Name, Insignia, Emblem and post.

You can

And from everywhere they will inspire you for success.